Visiting friends…

With a cup of coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, the mayor of the municipality of Bar – Dušan Raičević – received the board of directors of the German-Montenegrin association for culture and cooperation “DOMORA NVO” on March 18th, 2022. The meeting officially took place in the mayor’s cabinet. After a long and detailed conversation about the topic “Germans in Montenegro and especially in Bar”, we conveyed to the mayor and the citizens of the municipality of Bar the wish of our association members, who already live here or want to live here in the future, to integrate and with each other instead of separately to live from each other.

The mayor happily informed us that it was also his wish and also the wish of the fellow citizens of the municipality of Bar to implement this in the best possible way.
The mayor explained to us that the citizens had already told him that they had new German friends and that they were very happy that Germans had discovered this beautiful city of Bar for themselves. The mayor promised us to fully support our association “Domora NVO” and our members. He even offered us to put together a team of experts who, in cooperation with our association, will help every immigrant to implement his/her ideas and projects here in Bar.
The chairwoman of the association, Julia Embacher, presented a wide range of projects to the mayor, such as the projects for a “German-Montenegrin day-care center” and a “new German-Montenegrin school” as well as festivities on the beautiful new market square in the center of Bar.
All of this aroused great interest in the mayor and we can count on his support in these areas as well. Our association board and founding member Bernd once again addressed the problem of bureaucracy in the authorities when it comes to starting a business and has campaigned with the mayor to ensure that our association members have a contact point where they can get good advice free of charge .
We have also agreed on further regular meetings with the mayor and the city administration in order to exchange ideas and continue to try everything to make it easier for the immigrants to start in Bar and to bring them closer to the locals and the city administration.
The mayor thanked all of us for the campaign and the commitment that we and the association managed to present the city of Bar to the Germans and he personally promised us his support.
The association’s delegation thanked the mayor and the citizens of Bar for their hospitality, courtesy and support and that we have a good contact person in the right place.
We are very much looking forward to further joint cooperation and the growing together of the two nationalities.