rubbish collecting

As surely everyone who comes to Montenegro notices – unfortunately there is a lot of garbage here. It can be found on roadsides, in bushes, on slopes facing the sea, in the mountains or also extensively around garbage cans that are in the individual residential areas.

Well then, we want to do our part for a healthy environment and simply collect rubbish together. We always arrange to meet in different areas and see that together we can help nature to rid itself of the garbage and hopefully be a little less burdened. Why not?! The environment and nature gives us so generous gifts that you can give a little back and help them too. So, always feel free to ask when the next meeting is – or if an area particularly catches your eye – let us know and we’ll get started there together.

We look forward to your support and we will certainly – as we always do – have nice conversations and also have fun and joy.

PS There is also a day of coast cleaning every year – people meet here at all places on the coast of Montenegro, including school classes etc. to free the coasts of Montenegro from rubbish. Here is the link to register: This year (2022) it will probably be September 18th.