Call for donations for our school
Osnovna skola „Mrkojevici“

Dear people,

Today we would like to send out our little appeal for donations. It is about our really very nice school here in our mountain villages on the coast of Montenegro – more precisely the school for 1st to 9th grade – Osnovna skola “Mrkojevici” – in Pečurice.

We have a total of 40 children enrolled in schools here in Montenegro,
24 of them here at this school – well, plus 2 children from Switzerland 🙂 .

Our school is a bit outdated and needs some renovation and refurbishment. During the many visits to the school and discussions with the principal and teachers, one of the topics was how we can return the favor. In the process, we came to the common denominator of tackling where it is most urgently needed. Since we have very cold winters and very hot summers, we jointly decided to renovate or insulate the facade.

No sooner said than done – the principal has already obtained quotations, which amount to between 18,000 and 20,000 euros.

Since we are expecting nice weather soon and we still have to prepare some things until then, we are now starting the call for donations.

Such donations need a permission of the ministry and can and may only be made officially. This is how our registered association Domora NVO came into play, which by the way is already known to the authorities on a local and central level and through which we would now like to handle all this.

As many of you know, who are already here, our association Domora has already started some actions and has also already helped the immigrants in many points very much. And what would be a German-Montenegrin association, if it would not do something also for the other side – the Montenegrins?!

Therefore, it is now time to do something good for the school and the students, but of course also for the building, so that it will be preserved for us all for a longer time!

Every Euro that is donated helps! For us it is a small thing, but for the school and the following generations it is a big thing.

So, whoever would like to, please find the account data of our association for the donations on our website under the following link.

We will then submit all donations together through the ministry and inform you about it. Of course we will also follow the progress of the renovation for you, so that you can see how it is going.

Transparency is very important to us – that is why everyone will receive a donation receipt from our association for their donation. Of course, everyone who wants to can also hand over their donation to Gerd personally.

We are looking forward to your support! Translated with (free version)